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Applied Recognition Technology Laboratory

Department of Theoretical and Applied Science


The Applied Recognition Technology Laboratory (Arte-Lab) is a research laboratory within the Department of Theoretical and Applied Science (DiSTA) at the University of Insubria. It conducts research and development in the fields of computer vision, pattern recognition and text mining and it is currently directed by Prof. Ignazio Gallo. Arte-Lab is proud of its affiliation with 7Pixel Srl as it provides a great opportunity to test novel research solutions in a real enterprise environment. Arte-Lab is also currently collaborating with the Digital Data Streams Laboratory (DDSLab) at the University of Pavia to jointly exploit pattern recognition and data analysis techniques to find new solutions to recent challenging problems. Arte-Lab is also investigating new business models for advanced e-commerce, collaborating with Prof. Pierluigi Gallo at the University of Palermo .

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